Unveiling the Secrets of the Saudi Red Sea

The Saudi Red Sea is a world-class underwater wonderland that rivals the planets more famous tropical reefs.  It’s also one of the of the Kingdom’s best-kept secrets, so we’re planning to take it to the people of Saudi Arabia and the world, encouraging them to come on a journey to discover, explore and protect it. 


Enter The ‘Coral Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia – Secrets of the Red Sea’ (CKSA).
CKSA is a multi-media campaign led by the premier non-for-profit Khaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation (KSLOF). Combining the talents of Saudi people and international experts, we celebrate the Saudi Red Sea through an: international photographic competition, coffee table book, world-class documentary, interactive website, community outreach program and a range of out-of-home entertainment experiences. These include exhibitions, events and documentary screenings.


This will  build a library of world class marketing collateral that can be used across the Kingdom, nationally and internationally. It’s a timely legacy project that will assist in delivering the Vision 2030 - Quality of Life Program (QoL), helping to position Saudi Arabian cities in the Top 100 most liveable cities by 2030 and achieve QoL program objectives.

Campaign Elements

Scalable, Interactive and Global


Curating the world best images of the Saudi Red Sea

In partnership with Ocean Geographic, an international photographic competition on the Saudi Red Sea will be launched. This will build a ground-swell of interest and positive media nationally and internationally, raising the profile of the Saudi Red Sea and collecting a library of world-class imagery.

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A compelling and colourful marketing tool

A selection of images from the international photographic competition will form the basis of a large format coffee table book, showcasing the incredible diversity and colour of the Saudi Red Sea. It will  be written by an award-winning author and peer reviewed by scientists and project partners. The book will also include maps of locations to explore the Saudi Red Sea,  operators who can guide people and provide hire gear and community groups. In-line with the Kingdom's sustainability directives the book will be printed using sustainable printing methods.


Education, engagement and exploration

An integrated and resource driven site on the Saudi Red Sea that will build on the photographic portal. Information will include: key locations to explore, marine-related businesses, community groups, events, tourism operators, animal and habitat identification guides, teaching resources and image libraries.

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Outdoor Exhibition

Underwater art goes outdoors

The  outdoor exhibition would take images from the book and transform them into dynamic installations designed to compliment the location, capture the visitors attention and imagination while educating them about the wonders of the Saudi Red Sea. The flexible design coupled with project partner experience allows for the addition of audience interaction elements that could include 360 viewing of the Saudi Red Sea. 


Indoor Dynamic Exhibition

A dynamic sensory experience

Capitalising on strategies to develop out-of-home entertainment experiences and using the project team's and partner experience, imagery would be re-engineered with soundscapes and music to create a dynamic sense of immersion for the visitor. This would provide compelling content for art galleries, exhibition spaces, aquariums and museums.  Once developed, it can be adapted to suit different sites and  audiences. The design will allow easy transportation and installation at other locations nationally and internationally.


International Documentary

The wonders of the Saudi Red Sea come to life

A world-class documentary will bring the book to life on the big screen.  It will be filmed by Emmy-Award winning cinematographers and production experts who’s work includes IMAX movies and natural history documentaries such as the Great Barrier Reef series in partnership with the BBC. The documentary will profile the KSA film industry and be showcased at venues and events throughout the Kingdom and internationally.

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Outreach and Education Program

This program will extend the reach and longevity of the project by combining the expertise of the KSLOF,  project partners and campaign elements to connect with and create valuable resources, communications tools and events for the community and education sector.  This would include: teacher training workshops, e-learning and interactive resources, virtual trips to the Saudi Red Sea, student ambassador programs,community workshops, knowledge sharing and upskilling events. Promotion of community groups with a focus on environmental protection, participation and the encouragement of new groups will also be incorporated into the program.

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Touring Museum Exhibition

An Immersive Exploration

A scalable international touring exhibition that brings together industry experts, tertiary institutions, scientists, creative geniuses and award-winning cinematographers. Using a combination of technology, interactives, stunning cinematography and carefully crafted interpretative materials, it will immerse Saudi residents and visitors from around the world in the colour, diversity and beauty of the Saudi Red Sea.
Themed and scalable areas, featuring unique and engaging interactives will showcase the diverse range of marine habitats of the Saudi Red Sea and the life that characterises them. Visitors will be able to explore a 3D coral bommie,  cruise along the coastline using one of the Kingdom's research vessels and come face to face with some of the reefs most charismatic residents.