Saudi Red Sea
A place on earth, like nowhere else on earth



A comprehensive and global campaign to create a series of national and international world-class events and multi-media content to: celebrate, improve lifestyles, encourage exploration, enhance the quality of life and create a sense of pride around one of the Kingdom's best kept secrets---the Saudi Red Sea.  

Campaign Elements

The ‘Coral Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia – Secrets of the Red Sea’, is a timely and innovative multi-media campaign that delivers the Kingdom's Vision 2030. It's an innovative legacy project  that will enhance citizen's lifestyle and quality of life through the development of innovative entertainment, arts and cultural projects and events. It's an opportunity to upskill and showcase the Kingdom's talents, culture and capabilities on a global stage while driving economic activity, increasing participation and boosting the status of Saudi Arabian cities so that they rank among the best cities in the world.

International Photographic Competition

A global competition to capture and profile one of the world's greatest natural wonders


Coffee Table

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Website Portal


 An integrated and resource driven interactive site for multiple audiences


A powerful marketing tool and showcase of the colours and diversity of the Saudi Red Sea

Outdoor Photographic Exhibition

Saudi Red Sea rises to the surface in a series of high profile outdoor public spaces

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Indoor Photographic Exhibition

Underwater imagery
re-engineered with soundscapes and music to create a dynamic sense of immersion


International Documentary

Bringing the Saudi Red Sea to life in a
world-class cinematic experience for local and global audiences.


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Schools and Community Outreach Program

Events, resources and tools to engage and empower the citizens of Saudi Arabia

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International Touring

Technology, science, education and innovation collide to create an epic journey through the
Saudi Red Sea

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Shaping the future of the Saudi Red Sea

With little things, big things grow.

We believe that every single one of us has a role to ensure the future health of the Red Sea. Often, issues seem too big and complicated for us to feel as though we can make a difference.

But we can.

Visitors will be empowered to protect and help shape the future of the marine environments of Saudi Arabia through a range of pre and post engagement channels and direct interaction through the exhibition. This will be supported by a world-wide social media campaign showcasing that like corals, our cumulative actions can create enormous change for the better.

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