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A world-class team for a world-class campaign

The Coral Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia is partnering with leaders in their fields to deliver an innovative multi-media campaign that will showcase the colour, diversity and science of the Saudi Red Sea to local and international audiences.


Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation

Project Director

The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is a non-profit environmental science and research organization established to help preserve, protect and restore the world’s oceans and aquatic resources through research, education, and outreach. Our mission is to protect and restore ocean health by providing science-based solutions.  
The Foundation was established in 2000 by His Royal Highness Prince Khaled bin Sultan of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since then, the Foundation has organized many large-scale scientific surveys including the Global Reef Expedition, the world’s largest coral reef survey and high-resolution habitat mapping expedition.For the past twenty years, the Foundation has used its three-pronged approach of science, outreach, and education to conserve vulnerable coral reef systems. Success in these three pillars of our work has helped the Foundation become a global player in marine conservation.

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Coral Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia

Project Director

Coral Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia (CKSA) concept was inspired by our Director's visits to the Kingdom where they fell in love with its people and places. It's built a commitment to showcase the incredible colour, diversity and richness of the Saudi Red Sea to local and international audiences across multiple media platforms. It's our mission to create engaging out-of-home entertainment experiences, content and events that encourages people to come on a journey to discover, explore and protect the Saudi Red Sea. Our creative team includes industry experts,  Emmy award-winning cinematographers, scientists, creative geniuses, award-winning authors and partners who push the boundaries on using technology to create meaningful entertainment. 


Ocean Geographic

Media & Photographic Partner

A global voice for the ocean, led by world leading photographers and scientists. It has a global reputation, that looks at the human cultures which have been dependent historically on the sea, and delves into deep and shallow seas exploration. It captures the latest discoveries, research and imagery through scientific expeditions,  forums and industry-leading partnerships in a quarterly almanac.


Australian Saudi Business Council

Diplomatic Partner

Established as an agreement between the Council of Saudi Chambers and the Australian Industry Group, the Australia Saudi Business Council (ASBC) is committed to deepening and strengthening cooperation and understanding between the institutions and people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Australia. Their mission is to promote, foster, and further the commercial, political, and cultural ties between Australia and Saudi Arabia through collaboration.



Cinematography Partner

Led by Richard Fitzpatrick, a Marine BIologist, Emmy-awarded  cinematographer,  explorer and innovator who pushes the boundaries of cinematography, capturing unique animal behaviours which have never been filmed before. He has worked with the who’s who in the natural history world including the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Richard was the man behind the last two Great Barrier Reef productions commissioned by  the BBC and the new Great Barrier Reef  IMAX movie.


Underwater Earth

Ocean Educator Innovator

Revolutionising ocean education through innovation, Underwater Earth are the team behind Google Street View underwater and the award-winning Netflix documentary 'Chasing Coral'. Pioneers in the production of 360 films they led the XL Catlin Seaview Survey; a project that surveyed coral reef surveys across 26 countries and collecting over 1 million panoramic underwater images, resulting in the world’s largest scientific visual archive of underwater environments. The project has created accessible and unique opportunities for virtual underwater field trips for communities and classrooms  all around the world.


Grande Experiences

Exhibition Partner

The creators of travelling and permanent multi-sensory art and cultural experiences. Grande have presented over 200 largescale exhibitions and experiences in museums, galleries, science centres and other venues in more than 150 cities, to over 17 million visitors in 32 languages. Blockbuster experiences include Van Gogh Alive,  Leonardo da Vinci - 500 Years of Genius, Monet & Friends and Planet Shark.


James Cook University

International Scientific Partner

JCU is known for its research excellence and is rated world-class in 38 research areas that include coral reef science. The project will utilise the skills and experience of academics and experts to build the program narrative and capture unique imagery on coral reef systems. This will be by Professor Seymour, one of the world’s most well respected marine scientists. His expertise and skills as a global science communicator, researcher and consultant are in high demand globally.



Interactive Innovation Leader

One of Australia’s pioneering immersive media artists, inspiring audiences through his creative approaches to Augmented Reality. An XR Auteur, Marc is an Illustrator, Animator, Storyteller and XR Technologist blending fusions between analogue mediums, 2D/3D animation and game engine technologies to create experiential and interactive storytelling experiences; bringing objects and artworks to life right in front of audiences.


Zero One

Technology Leader

 One brings some of Australia’s best talent together utilising cutting-edge hardware and a range of proprietary and off the shelf software. They deliver virtual reality, interactive applications, digital animation and visual effects. Clients include Dreamworks Interactive, Warner Bros Interactive, Universal Interactive, Adidas and Melbourne Museum.

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