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The Coral Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia is a high-profile legacy campaign that will deliver significant investment return over a sustained period of time. It’s an opportunity to develop world-class content and out-of-home entertainment events that will help realise the Vision 2030 - Quality of Life program and position the Kingdom’s cities in the Top 100 most livable cities by 2030.


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Increasing sports participation, instilling national values, developing and diversifying entertainment opportunities, growing the Kingdom’s contribution to arts and culture and enabling the development of the tourism sector.


Sports & Recreation

Promotion of and increased participation in water-based recreational activities across the community and schools.

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Foster a sense of understanding and promote the people and places of the Kingdom through embassy events, expo’s, hosting of exhibitions, documentary screenings and the international
photographic competition.

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Film Sector

The documentary will promote the KSA film sector while positioning the Kingdom as a rich, talented and viable location for future international productions. It will also provide content for existing events including the Red Sea Festival, increasing visitation to cinemas and providing opportunities for mentorships and upskilling.


Capacity Building

Developing capacity and upskilling opportunities through cross collaboration i.e.
masterclasses, mentorships and knowledge sharing with the CKSA project team and international
partners and experts.

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International Partnershps

Partnerships have already been secured with international
partners and high-profile organisations such as Ocean Geographic and the Australian Business Council which will contribute to its reach and success. These partnerships will build cultural understanding and profile the capabilities, lifestyle and opportunities within the Kingdom. This will also create positive media opportunities.



Upskilling and showcasing the talents of the Kingdom’s residents nationally and internationally, enhancing the lifestyle of citizens, creating a marine stewardship ethic and conserving and promoting Saudi natural heritage.


National Values

Showcase the Saudi Red Sea to develop a marine stewardship ethic and sense of pride while profiling the talents of KSA people on a national and international platform.



A diverse range of new outdoor events, exhibitions, community engagement activities, upskilling workshops, scientific presentations, try snorkelling and scuba events and forums. Events can be replicated for international events and locations.



Grow Saudi contribution to the arts Development of arts project showcase and development of local artists across multiple platforms nationally and internationally. Content and creative talents of locals showcased nationally
and internationally through existing programs and new
artistic endeavours


Community Groups

Profile existing groups and encourage the development of new ones with a focus on sports, education and conservation. Engagement activities and events developed in partnerships with community groups would compliment these efforts



Diverse and innovative world-class content for public spaces, aquariums, art galleries, cultural sites, museums and online platforms nationally and internationally. Content showcase the Kingdoms capabilities and innovation.

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Timeless educational content, online education portal, teacher resources, image library, VR experiences, community workshops, training and student engagement programs.



Positive & sustained local and international media coverage showcasing the liveability, lifestyle, culture, people and places of the Kingdom.

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Profiling the colour and diversity of the Saudi Red Sea will encourage visitation and help position the Kingdom as a premier marine based tourism destination. Development of a library of world-class marketing collateral
will assist in these efforts. The campaign will also tap into the global interest of people wanting to visit healthy coral reefs.



Increase awareness of the local marine environment will
create a greater interest to protect it. This will help profile
existing not-for-profits and encourage the development of
new ones with a marine/natural history focus.

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